Surface Water Supply Scheme for added area of Howrah Municipal Corporation

The added area of the HMC comprising Ward No. 41 (part) approx. 70% and Wards 45-50 are covered under the surface water supply scheme. The source of water is ground water supplied through 10 (Ten) deep tubewells located in across the Seven wards and One elevated Storage reservoir (ESR) located in Ward 48, with 35 kms of distribution pipelines. The present generation of Ground Water is about 1 MGD which can provide only at the rate of 15- 20 lpcd. The area of the Howrah city is 51.42 The present population of the City is 1.008 million (2001 Census). The growth of population in Howrah increased from 0.158 million in 1901 to 1.008 million in 2001 is primarily due to the natural birth, migration from the neighbouring states and also from ingress of refugees during partition of India from Bangladesh. Howrah is a cosmopolitan city and people of different religion live harmoniously.
Majority of the citizen speaks Bengali but Hindi, English and Urdu are also spoken by a good number of citizens.
The city has grown with time in an unplanned way giving rise to narrow and meandering roads, lanes, slums, inadequate water supply, poor sanitary facilities and lacking recreational areas. Ground water source is also exploited in added area with deep tubewells via elevated service reservoirs together with hand tubewells scattered in different parts of the city. The ground water currently being supplied in the Project Area (Ward 41-Part approx. 70% and wards 45-50) has deteriorated in quality and it is becoming difficult day by day to maintain potable water quality there, as specified by CPHEEO. Moreover, because of the depleted ground water level, the yield has also reduced substantially.

The Issue
  • To meet the inadequacy in potable water access to the resident.
  • Threat of arsenic contamination in the lower depth of aquifer.
  • Intermittent supply causing contamination problem.
  • Health improvement of the resident and time savings.
  • Minimization of wastage of water
  • High content of Iron and dissolved solids beyond permissible limit.
  • To facilitate economic, industrial and commercial growth of the region as well as KMA.
  • Employment Generation and Poverty alleviation
Population Benefitted
3.938 lakhs (Year 2025)
For Added Areas of H.M.C
5.326 lakhs (Year 2040)
For Added Areas of H.M.C
7 wards covering 25.09
sq.KM For Added Areas of H.M.C
Components of the proposed Scheme
  1. 3 Nos. Underground Reservoir of of total capacity of 2.10 M.G with Pump House
  2. Primary Dedicated Pumping Main connecting 3 UGRs : 12.15 Km(600mm-900mm dia) with K-9.
  3. 15 Nos. Elevated Service Reservoirs
  4. Rising Main interconnecting 3 UGRs and 15 ESRs :22 Km . (250mm-700mm dia) with K-9.
  5. Laying of Distribution Grid : 77.21 Km (100mm-500mm dia) with K-7.
Target Envisaged
  • 24X7 Water supply
  • Adequate and potable water access to resident
  • Per capita supply 135 lpcd
  • Stoppage of Ground Water exploration
  • 85% population coverage
  • Treated Water Source : Padmapukur Water Treatment Plant