3 MG UGR cum Booster Pumping Station at Gandhi Maidan, Akra

Southern Fringe of Kolkata, recently been added as area under Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), is facing serious problem of Water Supply. The population of the region was 1,85,755 as per 2001 Census and expected to increase to 2,71,772 by 2023. The water provided to the project influence area (consisting of ward no. 137 to 141 of Borough XV to KMC) is neither sufficient quantity nor attain adequate pressure as the supply station, Garden Reach Water Works (GRWW) is at a distance from the area. After completion of the project, the residents of ward no. 137 to 141 of KMC will receive treated surface water @135 litre/person/day at a requisite pressure, and thereby the dependency on hand tube wells will be eliminated and thereby the depletion of ground water table can be arrested. The cost of the project is estimated to be Rs. 1398 lakhs (revised)

The Issue
  • To meet the inadequacy in potable water access to the resident.
  • Health improvement of the resident and time savings.
  • Inadequate supply from Garden Reach Water Works
  • Inadequacy in per capita supply
  • Pressure is much low for terminal consumers
  • Depletion of ground water table
Population Benefitted
2,71,772 in the year of 2023 Wars nos. 137, 138, 139, 140 and 141 of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
Components of the proposed Scheme
  1. 30 MG capacity semi-underground reservoir
  2. Pump house with four horizontal dry pit pumps
  3. Electro-chlorination system to boost up the residual chlorine of the supply water.
Target Envisaged
  • Per capita supply 135 lpcd
  • Stoppage of Ground Water exploration
  • 100% population coverage
  • Provision for Fire Fighting
  • Two time supply