Fringe Area Water Supply Scheme

Fringe Area Water Supply Schemes are based on ground water supply as source and supplied through pipes with house connection to the beneficiaries . At Present , Kolkata Metropolitan Water And Sanitation Authority , is operating and maintaining 206 Nos. Deep Tube Wells in the East Bank and West Bank of River Hooghly .

Most of these piped water supply schemes with ground water resources were implemented by Public Health Engineering Department . in the year 1970 and water was supplied through stand posts . At the time of implementation , the entire areas were rural in nature and considering the traffic load at that time , perhaps , Asbestos Cement pipe lines had been considered for the distribution network .

Due to rapid urbanization , the scenario of land use pattern have been totally changed with population surge resulting in shortage of supply of potable water .

After taking over the schemes , to stabilize the water supply system some measures were taken by KMW&SA , like ( a) existing deep tube wells were supplemented by additional wells to take care the water demand in phases , ( b) Asbestos Cement pipe lines were replaced partially by C.I / D.I pipes to cope with heavy vehicular traffic , ( c ) augmentation of diameter of existing pipes had been done time to time , also to take care the water demand and ( d ) providing additional elevated service reservoir for equitable distribution of water .

Presently , KMW&SA , is providing potable water to 50,000 Nos. consumers each(approx.) in the East Bank and 49799 Nos. consumers in the West Bank of River Hooghly with a water tax of Rs. 30/- per month per consumer through departmental operators and contractual out sourcing in the following schemes :--

However , keeping an eye to switch over to surface water in future due to depletion of ground water , we are trying to re-design the existing network through EPA Net during augmentation and extension of schemes.

Under East Bank of River Hooghly
  • Rajarhat Zone – I , II , III & IV FAWS Scheme Under Rajarhat Municipality
  • Sultanpur. Zone II,III FAWS Scheme Under North Dum Dum Municipality
  • Sultanpur. Zone IV FAWS Scheme Under South Dum Dum Municipality
  • Dankuni FAWS Scheme Under Dankuni Municipality
  • Jagaddal FAWS Schemes ( Old ) And Jagaddal FAWS Scheme for Added Areas under Bhatpara Municipality
  • Deulpara FAWS Scheme Under Naihati Municipalty
  • Jatia FAWS Scheme Under Jatia G.P
Under West Bank of River Hooghly
  • Andul Mohiary FAWS Scheme Andul Mohiary –I&II G.P
  • S.J.B FAWS Scheme Sankrail Jorhat Banupur G.P
  • Sankrail Zone-I,II & III FAWS Scheme Sankrail G.P
  • Manikpur Sarenga FAWS Scheme under Manikpur G.P
  • Bankra Zone –I & II FAWS Scheme under Bankra I ,II &III G.P
  • Nibra & Ankurhati FAWS Scheme under Ankurhati G.P
  • Jagacha Santragachi FAWS under H.MC
  • Kona FAWS Scheme under Chamrail G.P and H.M.C
  • Baltikuri Shanpur Zone-I&II FAWS Scheme Under H.M.C
  • Bally FAWS Scheme Durgapur Avoynagar G.P-1,2 Nischinda G.P, Bally G.P & Sapuipara Basukathi G.P
  • Belanagar Avoynagar FAWS Schem under Durgapur Avoynagar -2 G.P
  • Uttarpara Zone-I,II FAWS Scheme Under Uttarpara Municipality
  • Uttarpara Zone-III FAWS Scheme under Raghunathpur G.P
  • Kanaipur FAWS Scheme under Kanaipur G.P
  • Nabagram FAWS Scheme Nabagram G.P
  • Serampore Zone-I &II FAWS Scheme under Piarapur G.P and Rajyadharpur G.P & Rrishra G.P
Details of Deep Tube wells ( 300mm x 200mm Dia. ) under
Fringe Area Water Supply ( FAWS ) Schemes Operated and Maintained by
Kolkata Metropolitan Water & Sanitation Authority
Division Name of  FAWS Scheme No. of Deep Tube Well Nos.
O&M-IA Andul Mohiary 8  
  Sankrail 9  
  S J B 6  
  Manikpur Sarenga 3  
    Sub-Total 26
O&M-IB Bankra 13  
  Baltikuri Shanpur 6  
  Kona 10  
  Jagacha Santragachi 6  
  Nibra Ankurhati 3  
    Sub-Total 38
O&M-IC Srirampore 10  
  Bally 11  
  Belanagar Avoynagar 3  
  Uttarpara 17  
  Nabagram 8  
    Sub-Total 49
O&M-IIA Rajarhat 29  
  Sultanpur 7  
  Dankuni 10  
  Maheshtala & Behala -A 12  
    Sub-Total 58
O&M-IIB Jagaddal 18  
  Deulpara 12  
  Jatia 5  
    Sub-Total 35
Total Deep Tube Wells in FAWS Schemes O&M by  KMW&SA 206     Nos.