Surface Water Supply Scheme for Bansberia Municipality

Bansberia and Hooghly-Chinsurah are located on the western bank of River Hooghly, occupying the northwestern extremity of Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA). The municipalities are adjacent to each other. Bansberia is the northernmost municipality and Chinsurah is immediately to the south of it. This urban agglomeration has the river Hooghly to its east, non-municipal urban areas to its west, Mogra (outside KMA) to its north and Chandannagar Municipal Corpn. on its south. Hooghly-Chinsurah has a small surface Water Treatment Plant with River Hooghly as its source with a capacity of 0.6 MGD. This plant is about 80 years old and hardly serves a fraction of the population on date. Head works of the 0.6 mgd Treatment Plant is located within Bansberia Municipality. But Bansberia does not benefit from this water works. Bansberia Municipality does not have any surface water source.
(ii) Chinsurah municipality has 32 deep tube wells to augment the surface water source, out of which 25 are in operation. The Municipality also has 7 overhead reservoirs.
(iii) Bansberia municipality has 18 deep tube wells out of which 10 are presently in operation. It has 3 overhead reservoirs. In these Municipalities on the Western Bank of river Hooghly, the average percentage of number of house connections to total number of residential houses is only 30%. In these municipalities, the growth of population is more than the growth of total water supply system. Almost the entire part of the project area falling on the west bank of river Hooghly has piped water supply system based on ground water sources. Many installed deep tube wells are not functioning because of age, and poor record of past maintenance of the system as a whole.

The Issue
  • To meet the inadequacy in potable water access to the resident.
  • Threat of Arsenic Contamination in lower depth of aquifer.
  • Intermittent supply causing contamination problem.
  • Health improvement of the resident and time savings.
  • Minimization of wastage of water.
  • High content of Iron and dissolved solids beyond permissible limit.
  • To facilitate economic, industrial and commercial growth of the region as well as KMA.
  • Employment Generation and Poverty alleviation
Population Benefitted
1.50 lakhs (Year 2024)
For Bansberia Municipality
2.30 lakhs (Year 2024) For Hooghly Chinsurah
18 wards covering 9.064 sq.KM
for Bansberia Municipality
30 wards covering 17.2 sq.KM
for Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality
Components of the proposed Scheme
  1. Intake Jetty with jetty mounted Pump House with one 1000 mm dia Raw Water Suction main.
  2. 1000 mm dia SWMS Raw water Suction Main : 2400 M
  3. 15 MGD Water Treatment Plant
  4. One 2.00 MG Under Ground Reservoir & Pump House .
  5. Laying of 17 KM Primary Grid (350mm-900mm dia) with K-9.
Target Envisaged
  • 24X7 Water supply
  • Adequate and potable water access to resident
  • Per capita supply 135 lpcd
  • Stoppage of Ground Water exploration
  • Provision for Fire Fighting & 15% UFW
  • 85% population coverage
  • Raw Water Source : River Hooghly